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Wilmot Dam Expansion January 2020

Wilmot Dam Expansion January 2020

Published: Mar 26th, 2022 8:43 AM
Categories: Dams

This project was undertaken to increase the size of the original dam on this property. After all the permits were in place, we started to clear around the original dam, which was far too small and unable to provide enough water holding capacity to service the paddocks and animals on the property.

It is unknown to the owners when the original dam was put in place, other than the natural waterway was used. After we consulted the Wetlands and Waterways Works Manual on their website, we calculated that it was only holding at the most 5000 litres, making it woefully inadequate in size.

We started by clearing the brush and tree's around the dam, to help make it easier to service equipment, and to remove overgrown shrubs that weren't native to the area. This would allow the owners to use the tree's (Silver Wattle's) as firewood, and enable them to plant native undergrowth around the dam, to help filter the water making it cleaner for the animals, and taking into consideration the down stream affects to help clean up the water supply that continued to flow out of the property.

A rock overflow spillway was also installed, as well as moving the walls back, and making the depth deeper to where the natural clay would allow without breaking through. This helped to increase the size of the dam significantly, and another natural spring was discovered coming in from the back side wall, that was left alone. Increasing the size of the dam, not only helped with the water holding capacity, but also helps sediment to settle, clearing up the water from upstream. As the newly planted water plants that were put in place upstream grow, they will also help to stop sediment entering the main dam, and also fertilise themselves, and allow hiding places for wildlife to thrive.

Three months after work was complete, the owners discovered that they had Platypuses frequenting the dam, that had come from upstream where there are other larger dams on an adjacent property.

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